What others are saying;

Testimonials page: When I re-did my website, everyone said to keep it short! However, I do think it’s important to hear others’ experiences and that’s why I wanted to add a testimonials page. Of course, in 26 years of private practice, I cannot include everyone here! You’re always welcome to call me and we can talk to see if we’re a good fit.


Phyllis has been well trained and carries the Viniyoga teachings forward with competence and clarity. She has a depth of knowledge of the material and is an asset to the tradition. She is of great benefit to all those she works with. I wholeheartedly recommend her. -Gary Kraftsow, M.A.; director of  American Viniyoga Institute, Maui, HI.

            Phyllis has taught yoga at my two week silent meditation retreat. Everyone that attended enjoyed and benefited from doing it. She is a gentle, compassionate, knowledgeable instructor, and makes herself available and present to her students. Phyllis uses Viniyoga to open practitioners to the inner silence.    - Isaac Shapiro, satsang and meditation  teacher

  The work we did together was very powerful for me! The next few days after our BEMER/Hypnosis session were profound. I had been working on shifting some things and our session put it on overdrive mode. I’ve been telling all my friends to see you if they really want to shift! - Nancy Zevely, massage therapist

           I took private lessons from Phyllis when I was pregnant. I loved her gentle guidance and the way she helped me to get in touch with my feelings about pregnancy, birth, and parenting. The yoga was great for building strength, but more importantly, for helping me to learn to let go.  Kali Shapiro, counselor and Mom!

In my 15 years of working with clients, I have never come across a system of movement that not only creates flexibility, but also helps strengthen and stabilize. I recommend Viniyoga movements to my clients and have seen great improvements in them, it’s  excellent! - Edgar von de Giessen, physical therapist.


Phyllis teaches with a gentle elegance, utilizing her background in psychology to create a bridge of understanding to help guide people towards clarity and transformation. She is a skilled and compassionate teacher and I enjoy taking her classes and also working with her as a colleague. Robin Rothenberg; director of Essential Yoga Therapy, Issaquah, WA.        

             Phyllis has taught prenatal classes at my studio. I have always received excellent feedback about  her ability to work with all different phases of pregnancy in the same class; making the practice strong in subtle ways by using the breath and repetition to prepare the moms for birth. Her nurturing attitude assists’s the women in feeling at ease and finding their own inner sense of well-being. Chris Dormaier, owner /director of Sound Yoga, Seattle, WA.

 I have done other forms of yoga for up to 6 weeks everyday, and although the small of my back and the lower thoracic area became very loose and flexible; only in this yoga has my whole kephosis [upper  back curve] opened after a only few days already. It happened very easily - it was most beautiful! I tell all my patients to do yoga with Phyllis. - Gabi Lob, M.D. , Germany 


I've tried so many different things, but this really works! I love my yoga sessions with Phyllis, I feel so much more connected and alive!. It's who she is that makes a difference for me. - Donna H. - business owner and CEO

 I LOVED the HypnoBirthing course! I don't think I could have had my baby without the tools I learned in class. Phyllis' knowledge and experience and caring helped my husband and I get over any doubts and fears we had. Thank - you! (our baby thanks you too!)  - Shelley L., Microsoft  employee.

 I've been a midwife in the hospital for over 20 years, and the doctors and nurses and I have never seen such an effective method of birthing as the HypnoBirthing  course. It's been a great addition to our program and we're delighted at the successes of our HypnoBirthing Moms. Mary Rune, midwife, Port Angeles, WA.

I wish I had known about HypnoBirthing with my first child. My second birth went so smooth, I barely knew I was in labor. The tools of relaxation have helped in many more areas than just the birth. Our baby came into the world so peacefully, and she is such a happy and calm baby! I think every woman should use these tools, and I highly recommend  HypnoBirthing.  Karen Holmes, graphic designer.