Rebeccas's HypnoBirthing® birth story

My labor and delivery was SO EASY thanks to the hypnobirthing techniques I learned! I can’t recommend it enough!!!!!

During my second pregnancy I was carrying twins. Following a difficult child-birth experience for the first time around, I decided to look into HypnoBirthing. I had heard about it from a friend who had similar problems her first time around (extreme tearing). I read many convincing articles and decided to see a HB therapist – Phyllis Moses. We met for a few private sessions. Due to the position of the babies, I was scheduled to have a c-section. But at the last minute, the lower baby turned head down. So I was induced for a vaginal delivery.

I used the breathing technique that Phyllis taught. I was stunned how well it enabled me to get through the contractions. Even as they became increasingly intense, I could weather them with the HB breathing. Along with breathing, Phyllis also taught me to remain calm after each contraction and just trust that my body knew what to do. In between contractions, I was able to rest and focus inward. However, three hours into active labor, I was told that I was still at 2 cm (yet my contractions felt quite intense). Thinking that I had 12 more hours of this, I decided to ask for an epidural. By the time the epidural was administered, the nurse checked me again only to discover that I was fully dilated. In a way, I wish I hadn’t gone for the epidural. But in any case, it kicked in just as they were wheeling me into the O.R. I only had to push through one contraction before my first daughter was born! The second one was breech, so she was extracted by the doctor. They were born one minute apart!

I could not believe how easy childbirth was the second time around. It only took about 4 hours from the time they broke my water to the time the twins were born. I recovered so incredibly quickly and I had virtually no tearing. Two weeks later I didn’t even feel as though I had given birth. I really know that this positive experience was due to the hypnobirthing lessons.

I just cannot say enough about hypnobirthing! I really feel that it empowered me to trust my body and manage the sensations of the contractions. I now believe that hypnobirthing should be required for all first time mothers who take prenatal classes. It is so much more effective than the silly breathing techniques that they normally teach. Phyllis was a great coach and I would recommend her in a heartbeat!