Programs consulting

Are you looking to integrate a more holistic approach to well-being into your addiction recovery facility, hospital, or other institution? From developing a successful yoga program at Residence XII (Kirkland, WA) to advising health care professionals, researchers, and teachers on the incorporation of trauma sensitive body awareness into their curriculums, I have extensive experience adapting yoga tools to the needs of unique populations. I'd love to help you introduce or hone your facilities' holistic approach to healing and recovery.

I'm available for both one time consults and ongoing development projects. Please drop me a line!

I’ve been a midwife in the hospital for over 20 years, and the doctors and nurses and I have never seen such an effective method of birthing as the HypnoBirthing course. It’s been a great addition to our program and we’re delighted at the successes of our HypnoBirthing Moms. 
— Mary, midwife

I look forward to my yoga classes, it’s very soothing, calming, healing, and beneficial to recovery. It’s the first time I’ve been aware of my ability to relax.
— Patient at addiction recovery center