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Whether you're looking for personalized yoga and yoga therapy, a state of the art technology to enhance circulation, blood flow and energy, or you're an expecting Mom seeking tools for a peaceful birth, I tailor an embodied experience that fits you. Serving Vancouver, WA and the greater Portland area, I bring compassion, presence and decades of experience to my private sessions.

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What my clients are saying

Phyllis Moses has decades of expertise that she utilizes in Viniyoga and listening to your body.  After teaching private voice and professional choirs for the past 23 years, I did not expect to experience new levels of breath anchoring and embodiment.  My one-on-one time with Phyllis spanned BEMER chair, guided meditations and structural analysis of my body’s movement in order to facilitate ease in motion.  Along with being incredibly supportive and graciously encouraging, Phyllis has a wonderful gift for helping one tap into the grace and coordination of the body.  Over time, I have experienced great emotional and physical release, a more grounded and balanced approach towards what I ask of my 42-year body. I can now honor what my body does for me every day with a gentler and wiser approach.  I highly recommend seeing Phyllis in either individual or group classes, as she fills the room with her loving energy and expertise. - Georgina P.

Through my private yoga sessions I’ve learned to trust my experience of my body. Phyllis makes clear that trust of your own experience, combined with awareness is the true path of yoga. My body is responding beautifully and I’m releasing tensions held for decades! Thank you, Phyllis, for your lucid and playful demonstration of mastery.
—  Susan

Thank you so much for taking me on at the last minute and working with Zoom sessions for HypnoBirthing®! These tools and your caring manner have been so effective for me to birth my baby with confidence and ease! I’ve told all my friends about you! - Rita

I LOVED the HypnoBirthing course! I don’t think I could have had my baby without the tools I learned in class. Phyllis’ knowledge and experience and caring helped my husband and I get over any doubts and fears we had. Thank you! (our baby thanks you too!)
—  Shelley

Phyllis teaches with a gentle elegance, utilizing her background in psychology to create a bridge of understanding to help guide people towards clarity and transformation. She is a skilled and compassionate teacher.
— Robin Rothenberg, owner of Essential Yoga Therapy